Student Of The Month

The Student of the Month program encourages school attendance, homework  completion, good behavior and positive attitude. A monthly celebration recognizes  selected students by awarding an embossed  Student of the Month Certificate and a Mega Education® Gold Medal  which he/she wears for the day, acknowledging a very unique distinction of being chosen as the best of the best.

At each event, a Student of the Month is selected and receives a special reward in the form of movie, entertainment, cultural, sporting event tickets, and/or dining & consumer gift certificates.

There’s more!   Each month, a special incentive is awarded to a Student of the Month. He/she is presented with a night to remember; 4 event tickets, dinner and transportation provided by Beverly Hills Limousine. ONLY Student of the Month honorees are eligible, thus providing an additional motivation to become a Mega Education® Student of the Month.

As education is a family affair, parent attendance at these events is encouraged and rewarded, adding to student pride and inspiration. What better excitement than to combine a parent participation with the Mega Education® Student of the Month Awards. Imagine the pride of a child receiving an award in the presence of his/her parents! So let’s get involved!