What is Mega Education® ?

Mega Education® is a dynamic, "stay in school", media based, scholastic incentive system designed to involve parents and community in the process of acknowledging and rewarding student effort and achievement. Making the activity fun, Mega Education® creates the excitement in achieving established goals and transforms the entire process into a communal affair.

For over 25 years the program has accentuated community partnerships in modern day education as positive role model characterizations. An informative, yet entertaining, multi media campaign recognizes corporate support while educating the public as to the program's function, goals and rewards. 

Our programs include:

  • • School Attendance
  • • PTO Attendance
  • • Homework Completion
  • • Student of the Month
  • • Academic Competitions
  • • Teacher Recognitions
  • • Scholarship Support
  • • After School Community Partnerships

In support of these programs, our corporate partners help provide incentives to assure continued excitement and success in achieving program goals.

These incentives include:

  • • Movie, Entertainment, Cultural & Sporting Event tickets
  • • Food, Restaurant & Consumer Gift Certificates
  • • Limousine Transportation
  • • Scholarship Support
  • • Fun filled, family educational excursions!

So what's not to like? 

Be a part of it at your school.  See our calendar for upcoming events and attend any of our

Mega Education® functions and celebrate the spirit of our future.

Mega Education®…Leading By Example!