Student Of The Month

How the program works:

Participating schools will email a list of each month’s student of the month to Mega Education®; The more the student is chosen STUDENT OF THE MONTH, the greater chances of winning the Grand Prize, a trip for FOUR [4] to Orlando Florida for  4 days, 3 nights, including  airfare and hotel accommodations. The trips will be awarded in April 2023.   What’s not to like? The program is absolutely free!

Make sure your school email each month’s list of STUDENT OF THE MONTH to Mega Education®; and let the fun begin!

Because education is a family affair, let’s combine a PTO meeting with the Mega Education® Student of the Month Awards.  Imagine how proud any child would be receiving an award with their parents watching!  A student from each home room is selected on the basis of behavior, attendance and effort and is awarded a Student of the Month Certificate and Gold Metal.  
There are also surprises for the parents!  Students, parents and teachers are "edutained" by a motivational guest speaker in addition to Mega Education® providing  exciting recognition incentives for the families and teachers!                          

Contact your school to learn how you can help in your child’s education.
If children are the builders of our future, then let’s provide them with the best tools possible; a great education!

Mega Education®...Leading by Example